Is there a discount for long term boarding?

Yes, we offer loyalty discounts depending on the length of stay and multiple cat stays. 

  • 5% longterm discount applies after 15 days
  • 10% longterm discount applies after 30 days
  • 15% longterm discount applies after 60 days
  • 20% longterm discount applies after 90 days

Can I visit my cat's while they are in the cattery?

Yes! visits are welcome during our morning opening hours only. Please text/call us so we know to expect you. Deloraine Cattery – 021463616

Open by appointment only.

Monday to Saturday 9.00am - 10.30am 
Saturday to Sunday 4.30pm - 6.00pm

CLOSED Christmas and Boxing Day (25-26 December) and New Years Days (1-2 January). 

How much will it cost to board my cat?

We have 17 private rooms available here at the Deloraine Cattery at $18 a day plus GST (if any), for one cat. Discounts for multiple cats of the same family sharing the same room and longterm discounts apply.

Our Cats have never stayed in a cattery, will they be alright?

Unfortunately, there’s just no place like home, but when you can’t be there to look after your cat(s), the Deloraine Cattery is the best option. Don’t worry, cats settle into the cattery environment fairly quickly. It’s often more stressful for their owners, as the meowing in the car on the way can be very upsetting.   It is quite normal for cats to cry in a vehicle and to not like being couped up in their carry cage. If you bring something from home with your scent on like a pillow case, T-Shirt or a blanket they like to sleep on, this will help them settle in faster.

Remember a cattery is a far better option than leaving your cat(s) at home alone to fend for themselves.

My cat is on a special diet or medication, is this a problem?

No, this is not a problem at all. We are experienced in administering medication, from fluids via intravenous needle, tablets, creams to inhaler pumps. We charge $2 a day to administer medications.

We are happy to feed your cats their special diet, and it is recommended that you provide any special diet and enough for the duration of your cats stay.

Do cats fight in catteries?

Cats are very territorial animals and generally they wont like other cats hanging around their home, But despite what some may think, the cattery is neutral territory, meaning most cats will get on just fine in the communal room social environment. We closely monitor all our guests to ensure they are settling on and there are no issues or stress.

Should any guest show signs of not settling into the communal area they will be upgraded to an Indoor only private room at no extra cost. However, if you wish to upgrade to a Private or Family room, we will have to pass the cost of this upgrade on to you as these are always in demand and frequently booked out.

What vaccinations does my cat need?

Regular vaccinations are required for cats to ensure they remain free from a number of contagious diseases. The Cat Flu vaccination is required yearly.

As advised by Mill Rd Vets:

For adult cats the Initial vaccination is a course of 2 vaccinations approximately 2 weeks apart. Following this initial course, booster vaccinations are required annually or depending on your vet to maintain immunity from diseases.

A vaccination course for kittens is 2 initial vaccinations 2 weeks apart and should start at 8 weeks.

Your kitten (or adult cat, if vaccinations were started late) is not fully protected from the diseases vaccinated against until 10 days after the last vaccination in the initial course.

If your cat’s vaccination course becomes more than 3 – 6 months overdue, then the initial vaccination course, involving two beginning vaccinations will need to be repeated to ensure good immunity is maintained.

We require all cats in our care to be vaccinated yearly, unless advised otherwise by your vet. Discuss the latest vaccination recommendations and the best options for your cat with your vet.

You must bring a current vaccination certificate with your cat or ask your vet to phone or email through a copy. (NO CERTIFICATE NO STAY)

We also ask that you keep up regular flea and worm treats for your cats to protect the health and comfort of all our guests.

What happens if my cat gets sick?

Should any cats become ill while staying in our facility, you can rest assured they will receive the best possible care and attention.

To protect all guests, sick cats are placed into our isolation facility, and a vet will be contacted.

Any vet charges will be added to your final bill.

What about kittens or timid cats?

Our private rooms are purrfect for kittens and timid cats. Each cat has his/her own space and given all the time they need to settle in. 

Rooms have large climbing frames for kittens to enjoy and cubby holes for the timid cats to snuggle in and feel safe. 

What do you feed the cats and how often?

Cats are fed twice daily, morning and night. Many cats have dietary issues, so we just ask you to supply your own cat food for their entire stay.

What do I need to bring for my cats stay?

Please bring your cat in a carry cage, we will store this for you.

    • A blanket or something with the smell of home, always helps cats settle in better.
    • Any medication or special diet requirements – sufficient amounts for your cats stay.
    • Please don’t forget to bring the current vaccination certificate for your cat.
    • Dry cat food sufficient for their entire stay.

    It is important we have your contact details and an alternative emergency name and number.