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Cats have a natural instinct to groom themselves. Sometimes our fur babies need a little bit of help from their human friends. That’s where we can help.

Regular grooming not only keeps your pets coat healthier and easier for your kitty to manage but also reduces the risk of health complications from ingesting too much fur and the regurgitation of fur balls - with the added bonus of less fur around the house!

With regular grooming you can avoid the complications of matting, a painful condition which can pinch and tear your kitties soft and vulnerable skin. Serious matting can result in the need for veterinary assistance to sedate and shave in a clinical setting. The consequences being that your cat's health is further compromised from the anaesthetic required for the procedure; and the quality of the groom is usually 'patch work', due to the minute-by-minute cost for the vets time, anaesthetic and surgical room hire. The cost usually ends up being far more costly than with regular grooming for the entire year.

If severe matting has already occurred, we are able to assess your fur baby and we are confident that in most cases, we will be able to assist getting your fur baby back to good coat health. The costs for these situations will be variable due to the delicate nature of the procedure. It will most likely require an Assistant Groomer as cats in this state are often in so much pain that grooming becomes a dangerous job!

On occasion, when a kitty is extremely difficult to manage and there is a greater risk to the Groomer and/or extensive additional time is required for the safety and wellbeing of either or both Groomer and kitty, we will notify you and may charge an additional Assistant fee. An Assistant is not only there to provide protection for the Groomer but most importantly, to help calm a distressed kitty which is difficult for one Groomer who has one hand cutting and one hand keeping kitty in a safe physical position. This allows for more support for the cat and the Groomer.

We recommend brushing long-haired and medium-haired cats daily, while short-haired cats can usually be brushed about once a week. Some cats may need brushing more often; for example, older cats, or cats who might have trouble grooming because they have mobility or flexibility problems such as arthritis. Regular grooming removes dust, dead skin and loose hairs, prevents serious tangling and matting and can improve circulation.

We recommend a maintenance groom every 6 weeks and a full professional groom every 12 weeks. After your first professional groom, we will advise what your cats maintenance groom will consist of and provide a customise price.

Bring your cat in for the day or request a groom while your cat is in residence.