Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a specialised form of treatment that combines the medicinal benefits of 100% oxygen with increased atmospheric pressure. It has been used effectively for cats, including post-surgical care and other medical conditions.  We are one of the very few businesses offering this treatment in New Zealand for pets and the only option available north of Auckland.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves placing your cat into a pressurised environment of pure oxygen. The higher ambient air pressure allows the body to absorb considerably more oxygen than under normal conditions. The ability for oxygen to travel or be transferred from the blood to the tissue in need is enhanced by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This treatment allows oxygen to be readily available and carried through the cerebrospinal fluid, lymph nodes and plasma, reaching far deeper into the soft tissues, tendons and bone. Benefits include faster healing, reduced swelling, stimulation of blood vessel formation while aiding and assisting to prevent and control infection. 

How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work?

The pressurised environment allows for much greater absorption of oxygen, increasing oxygenation of all organs, tissues and body fluids.  Breathing 100% pure oxygen outside the pressurised environment would not significantly increase oxygen uptake by cells. It is the pressurised environment itself that causes the blood plasma, and other fluids in the patient, to absorb much increased quantities of oxygen, which is then utilised by the body for vital healing functions.  

Generally hyperbaric oxygen therapy may result in reduction in swelling, stimulation of new blood vessel formation into the healing/swollen tissue, a reduction in pressure caused by head or spinal cord injuries, improved wound healing, and improved infection control.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be of great help by speeding up the healing process and may reduce or eliminate the need for more invasive procedures such as surgery, oftentimes resulting in a net savings of time and cost of treatment for cat owners.

How can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help my pet?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes healing generally, while conditions for which HBOT has demonstrated success include:

•  Severe skin and tissue damage, including burns and skin grafts
•  Fracture healing
•  Major systemic or local infections
•  Intervertebral disc herniation
•  Inflammatory conditions like pancreatitis
•  Nerve damage
•  Paralysis
•  Post-surgical swelling and recovery
•  Acute ischemic conditions
•  Severe wound infection
•  Some aspects of neurological degeneration
•  Problem wounds like burns, gangrene, ulcers and necrosis
•  Stimulating new bone cell activity
•  Brain damage
•  Arthritis

What will my cat experience?

During your cats session, your cat will be placed in a safety carrier and accompanied by a human caregiver into the soft shell inflatable oxygen chamber. It is suitable for human use too. The chamber is then inflated to an atmospheric level 1.5 - 3 times higher than normal. Treatments are generally 45 minutes long. The total number of treatments necessary varies according to the type of treatment and the patient’s response. Cats appear calm and relaxed during hyperbaric oxygen therapy (many even fall asleep!).

How many sessions will my cat need?

For best results, it is ideal to have regular daily sessions for a minimal of 5 - 7 days as a starting point for most situations. For surgery, HBOT can be booked the week prior to surgery for optimal results by providing oxygenation to a deeper level in your cats body and again the week following surgery. This gives your pet an advantage in faster healing and more immune support for battling any possible infections from their procedure. Following surgery it is advisable to keep you cat calm and immobile for a period of time. That is why we offer safe accommodation here at the Deloraine Cattery for your cat and provide transportation to and from our HBOT clinic on Whareora Rd. The oxygen chamber is kept in a secure, dust and hair free room for optimal conditions at all times. 

This is an alternative care treatment. We do not provide any diagnostic or professional medical advice for your pets condition. We advise that you seek your own medical advice from a registered pet healthcare professional prior to booking this treatment for your pet.

How much does it cost?

The first session will generally cost more as we assess your cat's suitability and ease of using the HBOT. It is best to contact us directly for a quote as each cat is very different and depends on its condition and need. Allow from $200 a session.

In general, it costs $20 a day to board in the cattery and $50 a round trip transportation to and from the HBOT clinic on Whareora Rd. It is best to do 5-7 day sessions. It may be advisable to do twice daily sessions. In which case we can tailor a special price. Contact us for more details or to make a booking. All prices are plus GST.