We offer a range of services

We offer a range of additional services you can add on to your cat's stay at the Deloraine Cattery. We are experienced at caring for mature cats who have special needs (i.e. electric blanket) or cats that require daily administration of medicines. We also offer the convenience of picking up and dropping off your cats, taking the hassle out of going away. For Senior Citizens over 65 years of age we offer a free pick-up and drop-off service.

  • $2 per day - daily brush
  • $2 per day - administering medicine
  • $10 electric blanket surcharge - Electrical appliance usage and tag and test
  • $35 Pickup or Drop off service (within 10km radius of Deloraine Cattery)*
  • $50 Round trip (within 10km radius of Deloraine Cattery)*
  • $50 Onerahi Airport Pickup or Drop off service 
  • $15 per treatment - Flea or Worm treatment
  • $25 surcharge - Arrival/Departures outside of opening hours (when not mutually agreed)
  • $35 surcharge - Transporting your cat to and from your veterinary clinic. 

All prices are plus GST (if any). Please note, additional vet treatment charges will be added to your vet bill at your veterinary clinic.

* Free pick-up and drop-off for Senior Citizens that don't have transport available.

Administering Medicines

Vanessa Wilson (owner) trained as a pharmacy technician upon leaving school and is familiar with a range of medication and the correct measurement and administration of medicines. We are proficient at administering medicines by injection (i.e. insulin), oral syringe (i.e. squirted inside cheek), by tablet, crushed and mixed with water and given by oral syringe, whole inside piece of food or crushed and stirred through food, topical treatments (i.e. thyroid creams) and enemas. We follow your instructions as to the administration of any medication.

Mature Cats

We care about all our resident guests and ensuring they're as comfortable as possible. This may include bringing along electrical appliances, such as an electric blanket. We require all electrical appliances to be tested and tagged showing the period it is fit for use. We operate as a commercial business and as part of our insurances (and peace of mind) we are legally required to have all electrical appliances tested and tagged. 

Daily Brush

We offer a daily brush service at an additional cost of $2 a day. This is advisable for our long-haired resident guests that are prone to matting. This is done in the evenings after they have eaten and are ready for bed, so they are more susceptible to being groomed. Otherwise, we brush your cats weekly.

Pick-up and Drop-off Service

We take the hassle out of taking your cat to and from the cattery by providing a convenient pick-up and drop-off service. We require you to use your own cage for transportation, but if you do not have a cage we can use ours free of charge. We offer this service for $35 one-way or if you require a return trip we offer this service at a reduced rate of $50 round trip. We only pick-up and drop-off in the immediate Whangarei area, within a 10km radius of the Deloraine Cattery located in Riverside, Whangarei. If you are a senior citizen over 65 years of age, we offer this as a free service.

Onerahi Airport Pick-up and Drop-off Service

Email us all the arrival or departure documentation, and we can organise to collect or pick-up your cat(s) from the Onerahi Airport. The $50 fee is per trip. So, provided we are notified in advance of any flight schedule changes, we can make adjustments without you incurring an additional $50 trip fee.

Flea and Worm Treatments

We reserve the right to treat your cat(s) should they show signs of discomfort from fleas or worms and pass the cost of $15 per treatment on to you. Your cat(s) may show signs of flea infestation by excessive scratching or grooming along with evidence of flea poo and/or blood spots on the white surfaces of their room. We also inspect all litter trays in the morning to ensure all our resident cats are eliminating (pee and poo), where we may employ homoeopathic methods if necessary. If we notice any worms in their poos, we reserve the right to treat your cats for worms and pass this cost on to you. We take our role as caregiver seriously, and have a duty of care to all resident guests to ensure their physical welfare.

Veterinary Care

Cats can show initial signs of distress when using a cat boarding facility resulting in over-grooming and subsequently coughing up hair-balls. If this continues for two days in a row or diarrhoea is also present we will first seek the medical advice of a veterinarian by phone call. If we believe your cat is unwell we reserve the right to visit your own vet in the first instant or use our after-hours medical arrangement with Onerahi Vets. We charge $35 for this service and pass on any additional costs if your vet is unable to bill you directly.