We offer several discounts

Delivery Service

We offer senior citizens who live nearby and don't have transport available a free pickup and drop service for their cat(s).

NDHB discount

As a special thanks to the continual support of the Northland District Health Board (NHDB) staff whom we currently offer a 15% discount. This is reviewed yearly and currently expires 31 March 2021. Not valid with any other offer or at peak times*.

  • NDHB Discount of 15%

Long-term stay discounts

We offer loyalty discounts depending on the length of stay and multiple cat stays. 

  • 5% loyalty discount applies after 30 days
  • 10% loyalty discount applies after 45 days
  • 15% loyalty discount applies after 60 days
  • 20% loyalty discount applies after 180 days

Multiple cats discounts

We offer a multiple cat discount on family and private rooms only when you have more than one cat who would like to share the same room. For example: A family or private room would be $15 a day for one cat, two cats would be $27 a day ($30 a day less 10%) and 3 cats would be $36 ($45 a day less 20%). Prices exclude GST.

  • 1 cat - room price
  • 2 cats - 10% discount
  • 3 or more cats - 20% discount

* Peak times include Christmas and New Years holiday period (18th December - 18th January), School Holidays and Statutory Holidays (i.e. Labour weekend, Easter weekend). See Terms and Conditions for more information.