The Cats out of the Bag

Posted: Aug 12 2014

Rachael and David Seymour, current owners of the Deloraine Cattery, have sold their property and business to Vanessa and Paul Wilson of Whangarei. The new owners will officially take over the business from the 5th September, and  customers can rest assured it will be a seamless changeover.   Rachael and David will be literally, just around the corner to lend continual support.

Vanessa and Paul Wilson had considered purchasing the property over 3 years ago, but the decision to take their ‘then 9-month-old daughter’ with them and travel Europe for 6 months won out.  Three years on with another child now, fate stepped in to make it all possible . Driving past and seeing the ‘For Sale’ sign they contacted the owners and worked together to make it a reality. This included swapping houses, “something not often heard of” as David Seymour, Real Estate agent with LJ Hookers can attest to. “It just happened that we both loved each other’s houses, and being less than a kilometre apart, it made the exchange that much easier”, says Vanessa Wilson.

The Wilson family love animals and are a firm supporter of WSPA, SPCA and Greenpeace. Paul tells of the time he and Vanessa were in Santiago where there are a lot of street dogs and watching on as Vanessa went to the local hot dog stand to buy all their hot dogs to feed the local dogs. Her husband attests to her compassion and love of animals saying “when she saw one dog being mistreated by a group of local boys she rushed to the dogs defense and stood her ground telling them off, despite not speaking Spanish or having any regard for her own personal safety”.

Both Paul and Vanessa Wilson are Whangarei born. Vanessa previously worked for Northpower as their Communications Manager before leaving to start a family. Paul Wilson works for Northpower and has done for 20 years.

The Deloraine Cattery is a family run business open 7 days a week.

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