Choosing the Deloraine

Posted: Sep 21 2014

Purchasing the Deloraine Cattery

In 2010, we first met David and Rachael Seymour when the Deloraine was initially advertised for sale. We fell in love with the property and we could both see ourselves raising a family and being very happy here. The fact that we both loved animals and it had an established business with a wonderful reputation was appealing. However, we both still desired to do a one year trip around Europe together and we knew the property required daily commitment. We decided to take our, then infant daughter, with us and travel Europe. We returned home to give birth to our second daughter in 2012 and settled into everyday life at our home in Tawhai Place.

Our home in Tawhai Place

We had our house on the Market in 2013, thinking we may relocate overseas. When we decided we were staying in Whangarei we removed the listing. However, we knew our home was more suited to a young executive couple as an entertainers home, and it weighed on us that it had a limited outdoor area for our girls to enjoy playing outside.

A bit of de ja vu

I was experiencing de ja vu each time I drove past the Deloraine Cattery when I would take my eldest daughter, Isabella to Parahaki Kindergarten. It wasn't until we were on holiday in New York (escaping the winter weather in Whangarei), we started to discuss the future and I shared my feelings with Paul about the Deloraine Cattery. We contacted David and Rachel from our hotel suite overlooking Times Square to discuss the purchase of the Deloraine Cattery. David suggested we viewed the property again as the positioning of the cattery had changed since we first inspected in 2010. We did this the week after we returned home; and fell in love with the property all over again, and knew how much our daughters would love growing up here. We made an offer which included swapping houses. David and Rachel came to view our two-story modern Mediterranean home in Tawhai Place (less than 1km down the road) and also fell in love with our property. Less than five weeks after discussing the purchase of the Deloraine Cattery in New York we had successfully negotiated the purchase price and were swapping houses first weekend of September. Both Paul and I took turns over several weeks with Rachel and David to learn what was involved in running the Deloraine Cattery, meeting customers and caring for the resident guests.

We look forward to meeting you all in future.

Vanessa Wilson

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