No Access to settle or collect your cats during peak periods

Posted: Dec 15 2015

Win your kitty a weekend away!

We are unable to allow access to settle or collect your cats during the Christmas and New Year period

We're completely booked out for Christmas, so it is going to be a very busy time of year for us. During this time we will not be able to grant access to settle or collect your cat(s). This is for the safety of all cat(s) in our care. As you may know cat's do not like change and can be susceptible to stress. Therefore, it's important we reduce added stress such as lots of noise and people coming and going. Stress in cats can cause cystitis (which can be deadly) and can bring out latent viruses (similar to a cold-sore in humans) even if they've been vaccinated. Some of these viruses, such as Cat Flu are transmitted through the air. So, as you can imagine it can sweep through our entire cattery in a short amount of time. Our aim is to settle cat(s) immediately and those that that need extra attention will also be given a homeopathic remedy called Pet Calm and may also require Feliway (a cat hormone spray). Visible signs of a settled cat is they are responsive, eating, drinking and eliminating. For any cats that may be displaying symptoms such as Cat Flu they will be transferred to isolation away from the cattery.

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