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Posted: Jul 12 2016

Vanessa Wilson cuddles Sadie

It's great to be home...

It's great to be home. Some of you may know that I've been away in Wellington for the past 3 months working on a project close to my heart called Hive. You can read more about Hive below. I was one of eight New Zealand women selected from over 140 applicants to take part in the first-ever women-led Lightning Lab business accelerator programme. It was a competitive selection process that took 2 months. I'm grateful to have the ongoing support of you, the Whangarei community, Northland Inc and North Chamber. 

Thank you Gail Hunter

I'd like to thank Gail Hunter for the smooth running of the cattery in my absence. It was a great relief to know the cattery "my baby" was in great hands. Gail has really enjoyed taking responsibility for the weekly running of the cattery that she'll continue in this role from Monday mornings to Friday mornings. You'll see me during opening hours in the cattery from Friday afternoons till Sunday afternoons. But, I'll be taking full advantage of working from home to get my daily fur-cuddles from all our cat residents. Nothing feels more soothing or calming then stroking and cuddling cats. I'll try not to share too many selfies with your cats through social media. 

Rates Increase

We've been here at the Deloraine Cattery for 2 years. How time flies. During this time we've hosted a family and pet day out in March 2015 and raised $10,000 for the Whangarei SPCA and opened our home and gardens for the Whangarei Hospice open home tour in November 2015 helping to raise $26,000. 

Sadly, costs keep rising and to ensure the cattery remains viable and can pay its costs and people, we need to put the price up. This means a private room will increase from $14 a day to $15 a day for your cat. The new rates will apply to all stays from the 1st September 2016.

Opening Hours

Just a timely reminder our opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 9.00am - 10.30am and 4.30pm - 6.00pm. Sunday mornings we're closed. Sunday afternoons we're open from 4.30pm - 6.00pm. We are available outside these hours by appointment for a $25 fee. 

Yearly Vaccinations a must

Please remember to bring your cat's Health booklet. If you forget these we will ask you to go home and get it before your cat is checked in to ensure the health of all cats in our care. All cats must be vaccinated yearly, unless we are advised otherwise by your vet. A cattery is a high-risk environment. Cats do not like change and are often very stressed. This is when a cat may shed cat-flu (showing no symptoms) into the environment or contract cat-flu. Most cats adopted from the SPCA have been exposed and are a carrier of cat-flu. If your cat does contract cat flu it will display like the human flu, with sneezing, runny eyes and your cat will be off its food. Symptoms aren't as severe as they could be, because your cat has been vaccinated. But all the same its not nice to nurse a sick cat back to health. 

Thank you all for your patience and continued support. We greatly appreciate your custom, friendship and trust in us, to deliver the best possible care to all our resident cats.

Kind regards
Vanessa Wilson

Hive Introduction
Hive is about connecting people nearby to help each other out.

Hive is about community. It's about working together to solve each others problems. Sometimes, we just don't have the skills or time to do odd jobs and we could do with an extra hand. We have money to pay. But the work doesn't require or warrant a professional in most cases, such as changing a washer on a leaky tap, or we don't have a ladder to get up high and change that chirping smoke alarm.

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