Free Overnight Stay

Try a free overnight stay

Mention this offer to receive a free overnight stay in an individual suite in our social area. We are offering a free trial to new and current customers for a free overnight stay in an individual suite in the social area.

Ever wondered if your cat is social?

If you've ever wondered what your cat would be like staying at a cattery or in the social area, take advantage of this offer and give it a try.

But will my cat be ok?

Cats are territorial by nature, but when they are here at the Deloraine Cattery it's neutral territory. So, there's no fighting over territory or mates. They each have their own individual suite to dine and sleep in at night and during the day they can choose to socialise or curl up in a warm spot and sleep the day away.

Settling in period

When your cat arrives, we begin, by putting them in their own individual suite with a litter box, bed and some food and water so they can feel safe and observe the room and other cats from a safe distance. When they are ready, we remove the door from their suite and they can come out and investigate. We observe your cat for the first little while to make sure they're happy being in a social environment. If they're not quiet ready to venture out on their own we leave them in their suite overnight. If they're still not ready the next day or we feel it's not the right fit for them (i.e. a little timid, or they're a bit old and don't like all the attention from other curious cats), we upgrade them to the indoor room free of charge. However, at your discretion you can choice to upgrade to a Private room with outdoor verandah at an additional cost (as these rooms are highly sought after and often booked well in advance).

Terms and Conditions:

This offer can not be exchanged, upgraded or redeemed for cash or payment of other room options or additional services. Not valid with any other offer, discounts or during peak periods. Can only be used once per cat and/or customer. This is a trial offer for cats who haven't experienced the social area at the Deloraine Cattery previously. Valid for an overnight stay only, not to be used as part of a longer booking. Expires: 31st March 2020.

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