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For the more social cats, we have individual suites available with access to a large indoor and outdoor social areas with plenty of space to climb and play. There’s plenty of spots to curl up for a sleep, toys to play with, things to climb on or somewhere to just relax in the sun. Our social areas are set up to ensure our resident guests can have their own space or socialize if they wish to.

When our guests arrive we check them into their individual suite to use the litter tray, have a drink of water and some food to settle in. Our new guests can curl up in their bed and safely observe the other resident guests from a distance. We then invite our resident guest to come out and explore and meet our other residents. You can rest assured that despite cats being territorial our communal area is neutral territory. There maybe some hissing as they work out each others boundaries, however fights do not occur. If we have any concerns that our residents guests are not enjoying being in the social area we will upgrade them to an indoor room free of charge.

Each night we feed our resident guests in their individual suites and spend the night sleeping in their own bed. Cats are very clever and often come or wait near their suite at meal times, and are happy to go in by themselves.

We clean the social area in the morning before we let each cat out one by one to clean each individual suite in turn.

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25 Individual Suites

We have 25 Individual Suites available in the social area. Included in the daily rate is high quality veterinarian and breeder recommended Royal Canin’s dry food from the Feline Health and Nutrition range, clean bedding and litter trays. Rates are charged per night and are GST exclusive. We've even put together a special welcome pack just for you! You'll receive a combination of goodies we hope you'll find useful.

  • $11.00 each for one or more cats in their own individual suite

Available Discounts

  • 5% loyalty discount applies after 15 days stay
  • 10% loyalty discount applies after 30 days stay
  • $0.50 daily discount per cat for supplying your own food

Not valid with any other offer or at peak times:

  • 10% prompt-payment discount applies only to the room rate if bank transfer is made upon receipt of your email invoice.
  • Or if you are Northland District Health Board staff you receive 15% discount off the room rate only if bank transfer made upon receipt of your email invoice.

Peak times include Christmas and New Years holiday period (20th December - 20th January), School Holidays and Statutory Holidays (i.e. Labour weekend, Easter weekend). See Terms and Conditions for more information.


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