Meet the Team

Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa is the co-owner of the Deloraine Cattery. Vanessa has two daughters Mia and Isabella and loves all animals.

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

Paul is the co-owner of the Deloraine Cattery and assists mainly on the weekend. Paul grew up on a farm with dogs, cats and cattle and loves all animals. His favourite animal is the Bengal Tiger. He says "they are majestic, mysterious and beautiful to watch".


Isabella Wilson

Isabella is 6 years old and loves cats and dogs. Isabella assists in the weekends. She is supervised while in the cattery to learn about security (keeping the double doors closed), how to use her indoor voice, how to approach the resident cats, and which cats enjoy playtime, pats and a brush.

Mia Wilson

Mia Wilson

Mia is 5 years old and loves cats and dogs too. Mia assists during the weekends, with one-on-one supervision to teach her about how to approach cats, use her indoor voice and pat them gently if they like being patted.


Reece Edge

Reece Edge

Reece has two cats and a dog called Missy. Reece has volunteered three mornings a week at the SPCA on RewaRewa Rd for many years.

Reece assists half an hour each week day to clean and dry the cats food and water dishes, fold the washing and wash the cats litter trays. His care-giver Alfred Smith offers assistance to Reece in performing his duties.

Alfred Smith

Alfred is not only step-dad, but a great friend and care-giver, assisting Reece in his daily activities including working here at the Deloraine Cattery. Alfred loves animals, having a household of animals - two dogs, six chickens and two cats on their half acre section in Otaika.


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