Stall Holder

You can find all the stall holders at the even listed below

  Royal Canin
Royal Canin will be giving away sample packs for cats and dogs of their popular dry and wet food including vouchers to purchase more from your local veterinarian or pet shop. They will also have a "Spin the Wheel" to win cool prizes for your pet.
Pet Essentials
Pet Essentials will have a stall on the day showcasing smaller items for purchase on the day to pamper your pooch. Pet Essentials has a large variety of items available in store, including Frozen Products, Dog grooming services, newly built aquarium centre and more.

Deloraine Cattery

Vanessa Wilson the owner of Deloraine Cattery will be taking guided tours inside the cattery at  11.30am and 2.00pm for a gold coin donation to the SPCA. There will also be cat related merchandise for sale from our "It's all about Meow" and "Peeping Felines" range as well as 50% off all pet beds.

Greyhounds as Pets NZ

Greyhounds as Pets is a New Zealand organisation setup to give racing greyhounds a second chance at life as a member of the family. Many greyhound owners are surprised at the immense love and affection they receive from their hound. Every rehomed greyhound enjoys being a member of the family and will happily snuggle up to anyone who will make a fuss of them. Most adore cuddles with children and being so gentle can easily be walked by all members of the family.

Dianne's Doggy Farmstay
Dianne from Dianne's Doggy Farmstay is a 5 star dog boarding kennels situated in Springfield (approx 20 mins South of Whangarei) and also provides a pickup and drop off service. Dianne offers farm walks with streams, a pond and a swimming pool to play in or if they are a  pampered inside dog they will receive all the home comforts there.

Blind Foundation Guide Dogs

The Blind Foundation Guide Dogs help people who are blind or have low vision get around safely, with greater speed and confidence. John Williams with guide dog Gracie will do a live demonstration showing you just how marvelous these dogs are.

Also, while you're at the stall have a go at doing simple tasks (such as filling a glass with water) blindfolded and see how well you do.

The Dog Zone

The Dog Zone is the only centrally based Doggy Day Care provider where dogs can be dogs. Tracy Scott the owner of Dog Zone has combined her passion for dogs and life's experience with a qualification in Dog Psychology and Behaviour to provide a place where you can leave your dog to interact in a pack environment  Today the dog is a much loved and valued family member and we all strive to provide a good and happy home for them. But "dogs need to be dogs", they have maintained strong pack instincts and LOVE being with other dogs. 

From puppies to your loyal old friend, even if its only once a week, we will guarantee a happy day at The Dog Zone.

Pampered Pooch

Louise from Pampered Pooch understands that your dog is more than a pet, they are a cherished member of the family and they only deserve the best. Make sure you talk to Louise about the Pampered Pooch range contains the optimal balance of natural and functional ingredients to help keep your dog's coat and skin in top condition. 

Caros Crazy Critters

Caro's Crazy Critters will have her mobile petting zoo/farm here where you 

Mr Whippy
Mr Whippy
Hector from Mr Whippy will be here serving all your soft serve favourites.
Coffee Girl
The Coffee Girl
Mel from The Coffee Girl will be here serving hot beverages for all. So come up early and get a great coffee while you walk around and enjoy the day here.

Sugar Rush

Carley and Carol from Sugar Rush are cake and confectionery experts. Located off Bank Street in the Civic Arcade they literally have hundreds of sweets and all your old favourites you thought were gone.

Jesters Pies

Jesters Pies will be here selling all our favourites including the "Kiwi Classic" - lean mince and gravy and the "Billy T" - Lean mince and melted cheese. Plus all those specialty pies we can't do without now including "Maharaja" - Butter chickent and "Kentucky Delight" - apples, blueberries and vanilla custard to have a few. Check out their menu for more yummy pies.

Little Kitchen Tutukaka

Little Kitchen Tutukaka
Little Kitchen Tutukaka offers a fresh and healthy way to eat, yummy smoothies, salads and healthy treats. All processed sugar free with a variety of vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free on offer. We also sell kids healthy lunch box options. Come and visit us today to see what's cookin!

Zippy's Cafe

Zippy's Cafe serves quality coffee, delicious real fruit ice creams and yummy snacks. Why not check out their menu.

Primal Culture
Trudy Northcott of Taranaki is the owner of Primal Culture and distributor of Bulletproof Coffee beans and and health supplements, including Brain Octane, which is derived from coconut oil. Bulletproof coffee beans is a black coffee blended with a tablespoon or two of butter for about 20 seconds, resulting in a latte-like beverage. Trudy said she discovered the drink and Bulletproof diet when she was researching treatment options after she battled 15 years of bad health, including a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Bullet-proof coffee will be sold in take-away cups for $5 each. You will also be able to buy the Bullet Proof coffee beans and health supplements on the day.

Honey Cakes
Jenna Stanbridge from Honey Cakes sepcialises in gluten free and dairy free cupcakes and cakes. There will have a limited number of specialty cupcakes on sale individually at $4 each and in boxed sets of 4 for $17 and boxed set of 6 for $25 with proceeds to the SPCA. 

Lightvibe Lightvibe Marketing Limited
Terry Petersen from Lightvibe Marketing Limited is the New Zealand and Australian distributor for Infinity Pro Band and Bio Magnetic Jewellery for people and animals. The natural health ion core and magnetic therapy bands and pet tags (attached to their collar) works agains persistant body pain including arthritis.
Classic Builders
Classic Builders
Scott Coutts from Classic Builders will be here talking to you about the subdivision happening on Konini Road opposite the Deloraine Cattery. If you're looking for a slice of rural paradise 5mins for town make sure you talk to Scott and the team.


Vanessa (owner of Deloraine Cattery) and Gail from superCUTE will be opening superCUTE on the day, selling unique baby gifts. 10% of all sales from the day will go the the SPCA. You won't find any of these options elsewhere in Whangarei. So, if you're looking for something different, fun yet practical don't forget to browse the shop.

Princess and the Pirate

Vanessa (owner of Deloraine Cattery and superCUTE) and Gail from Princess and the Pirate will have a large selection of kids costumes for sale including princesses, pirates and superhero's. You can browse our party supplies, play on the bouncy castles and meet our party entertainers.

Party Plates

Ada and Evan from Party Plates will be here to show you their amazing products sell designed and created to serve all your catering needs. Always had problems juggling your food and drink while trying to eat. Well Party Plates have the answer for you. You can see the plates live in action at the outdoor cafe  on the day.

Le Reve Perfumes

Liz from LeReve will be joining us on the day to sell and talk to you about quality perfumes at a fraction of the price. I personally love the Gucci Rush layering kit that contains a soap, body lotion and parfum.


Sharon from Tupperware will be here showcasing all the modified classics and new favourites we can't do without. If you'd like to browse in the comfort of your own home, don't forget to ask Sharon if she can do a tupperware party for you and a few special guests.

Heads up on Bank

Elaine and the team from Heads up on Bank specialise in using organic and natural methods of hair and beauty care. They only stock and use are ammonia, PPD and sulphate-free hair products. Being chemical free and reducing the amount of toxins in your body is priority for any women these days looking wholistically at leading a healthier life.

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