Your Cat Hosts

Vanessa, Paul, Isabella and Mia Wilson

Paul and Vanessa Wilson are your cat hosts

We love animals so taking on the Deloraine Cattery feels like second nature to us. Paul grew up on a farm and Vanessa has always had cats and dogs as part of the family.

We have two daughters, Isabella (6 years) and Mia (4 years) whom we want to share our love of animals with. What better way then to have them learn through one-on-one supervised interaction.

We have two tabby cats - Blaise (Isabella's) and Paige (Mia's), and Rafferty, a little white maltese dog are all the same age. All three were welcomed baby additions in Christmas 2015. Don't worry Rafferty loves cats, playing and sleeping with Blaise and Paige. He stays at the house, because although he loves cats, they don't feel the same way about him. And as cats are already under-stress from their car journey and change in environment we don't want to add to that. 

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